***Non Financial Market Related***

In my opinion there is nothing as good or bad. It’s just how humans perceive things to make something considered so. While there may exist some innate moral beliefs in society such as honesty is good and dishonesty bad; I have noticed a major flaw with the manner in which honest people function with respect to dishonest people. This flaw in the honest party (if I may say so,myself included); in many ways indirectly promotes dishonesty among people- who want to remain honest in their dealings.

The dishonest on the other hand; very well manage this “process trait” naturally to promote their type.

I call this process trait- You scratch my back and I scratch yours. Dishonest people do this wonderfully, while honest people on the other hand when realizing a honest character similar to themselves is in need, are reluctant to help! (Apparently, in the name of honesty)

If this world has ever to experience the trait of honesty as something natural in the human species-I reckon it is time for honest people to lobby for honest people. Just like the dishonest that lobby for each other. These is applicable in all aspects of life, be it personal or professional.